Navigating through difficulties while being true to yourself

What I Do


Loss of meaning, disturbing behaviours, difficulty with emotions like anger, fear, jealousy, inner and outer criticism, lack of confidence, altered states, control, identity issues…


To work on yourself in your relationships with partners, parents, kids, friends, enemies, co-workers, bosses. Issues like conflicts, lost trust, infidelity, control and power, boundaries, sexual difficulties, jealousy, anger, grief, break ups…


Are difficulties at work a signal to change work or to change yourself at work? Conflicts with co-workers and bosses, power, control, procrastination, difficult decisions, failing, owning your success, getting things done, burn out, expressing yourself, criticism, giving and receiving feedback…


Body and psyche are interconnected, with our body communicating through sickness and body symptoms. Body symptoms often arise in relationship conflicts and at major growth and transition points in our life.


Therapy can be an opportunity to grow and learn about yourself in relationships and in the world, including your needs, values, purpose and tasks for life.


Discuss your concerns and views, name the problem and learn possible directions for therapy or other options for support.

Online Therapy

I’m experienced in conducting sessions via telephone and video conference (Skype, Zoom, FaceTime). I work online with clients from Australia and international.

when to work

Therapy can be helpful when you feel stuck and your everyday ways of dealing with life difficulties don’t work anymore, and when problems are consuming lots of your time and energy, and your relationships and work are impacted.

Therapy is also recommended when you want to learn more about yourself to support your personal growth, particularly in life transitions like marriage, becoming a parent, mid-life, old age.

Therapy is a place to develop new skills, leaving your comfort zone but staying in touch with your nature.


Therapy can vary from a one-off consultation to regular sessions over a few months or years. It depends of the nature of the issue, personal circumstances and therapy goals. 

In the first session we clarify both the time frame, and what you want to work with.

how it helps

Inviting a therapist to actively witness you and your life problems is already a changing factor. The therapeutic relationship is a space and time to focus awareness on you, your internal life, the way you relate to others and to the world.


how do i work

My approach is called process oriented psychology. I follow feedback signals from my clients to deliver therapy interventions that are personalised and respond to the momentary situation. My work is mostly based in present-life issues but I work with past or anticipated future issues if it is helpful for the client.

booking a session

To book a therapy session use the form at the bottom of this page.  If you prefer to make an appointment by phone, use the form below and provide your phone number and I will call you to set a time and date, or just text or call me directly.

fees and fine print

Fees for individual therapy are $150 per 50-minute session.
Fees for relationship therapy are $180 per 50-minute session.
Please visit the Fees And Fine Print page to learn about prices, cancellations and confidentiality. If you have further questions you are welcome to contact me. The contact form is on the bottom of this page or you can go to the Contact Page.


Need to talk before making a decision? Book a free 15min phone consultation directly in my calendar.

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