couples therapy

For couples who are in crisis or who want to learn together more about their relationship and find new patterns for growth.

Big and small problems welcome.

Couples therapy Can Help With…

Conflict Work

Almost no one likes conflict and it’s particularly challenging in our most intimate relationships. However, conflicts processed well, bring more awareness, power and depth to relationships.

While sessions can bring relief by helping you resolve existing conflicts, it can also increase your communication and conflict resolution skills and bring more insight about why and how conflict emerges.



When crises happen in relationships, it’s easy for them to fall apart. Crises can be cumulative or sudden but either way, they overwhelm the capacity of the relationship to process events alone.

Just addressing the crisis itself is often unhelpful as most relationship crises are rooted in underlying relationship issues. Uncovering and addressing these issues is essential to long-term


Transition Points

Couples, like individuals, go through growth stages. Moving in together, marriage, kids, ’empty nest’, ageing etc., are moments when relationships change, new roles emerges, and some things need to be let go of.

Working with a therapist can help bring more awareness to the nature of the transition and the developmental tasks involved for the relationship to grow.


how long does it take

Couples therapy can vary from a one-off to several months of regular sessions depending on the goals of the couple and if they are focusing on growth and learning, or if they’re in crisis and therapy is their last resort. Some couples also just come in every few months to keep their relationship healthy


fees and fine print

Fees for relationship therapy are $180 per 50-minute session.
Fees for individual therapy are $150 per 50-minute session.
Please visit Fees And Fine Print page to learn more about prices, cancellations and confidentiality. If you have further questions you are welcome to contact me. The contact form is on the bottom of this page or use the Contact Page.

booking a session

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